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Protocols at Red

Stepping into this new COVID framework has been challenging with information being changed and released only at the last minute. As of 10pm 2/12/21 we have had it confirmed that since we are sharing premises with osteopaths (who are classified as a healthcare service and therefore prohibited from requiring vaccine certificates) we are also prohibited from asking for proof of vaccination.

Protocols are in place to reduce the risk of COVID 19 entering the clinic and being transmitted here..

Please wait in your car until your appointment time, so that you can be welcomed straight into the clinic room. We are not currently using the waiting area.

It is a requirement that you wear a mask at all times except when lying face down. Masks can be provided if you've forgotten yours. To help further reduce the risk of any transmission should COVID enter the premises we will not be providing glasses of water for now, so please bring your own bottle of water with you.

We are, of course, replacing all linen on the massage table and using disinfectant on all surfaces, including door handles, between every client.

As always, if you are sick please cancel your appointment and stay at home and get a test.

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