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Hi, I'm Tara

Owner and Feldenkrais Practitioner here at Body Sanctuary.


I'm someone who's passionate about helping others especially through bodywork... I'm a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, relaxation and sports massage therapist and for me, a big part of life is about freedom and choice. I work with you to help you feel at home in your body which in turn creates freedom. Freedom from pain and a heap of choice in the way you move!

I spent four years training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner. I learned more than I ever dreamed possible - about movement and patterns, both others and my own. Being a largely experience-based training I had the chance to look at my patterns closely.

It was like looking through a microscope! 


Each and every day on the training bought me more in touch with my body and with that came an ease I never even knew was possible. Chronic hip and shoulder pain from two separate accidents disappeared... I found myself running easily along beaches when I had struggled to run for years, sitting up straight with no effort whatsoever, and moving differently which surprisingly affected things that, on the surface, seemed unrelated - like the way I could communicate and relate to people. 


There is no doubt that I'm much more comfortable in my body now than when I began the training and I'm thrilled to have the skills to help YOU discover new ways of moving that will change your life for the better too!


It's an honour to provide the space for you to take some time out and recharge.

I sure spend a lot of time working - why wouldn't I when I enjoy it so much?! But I also enjoy free time... Barefoot walks along the beach, playing netball, catching up with friends and learning. I'm always reading and attending courses to upskill and offer you the best.

I look forward to meeting you in person and assisting you to live the life your body's dreaming of!


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