Tara Salthouse


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29B Silverdale Street

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Shop 18, 7 Wood Street

Mangawhai 0505

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Meet Body Sanctuary's new massage therapist!


(Silverdale clinic only)

Hello, I'm Rosalind (Ros),

Is creating a work-life balance one of your goals? Perhaps I can help... 


A few years ago I was spending all my time doing for others and not taking time out for myself. After hitting rock-bottom I realised that for my own mental & physical wellbeing, I needed to make some changes in my life.

I joined a women’s gym and trained as a relaxation massage therapist & an infant massage instructor. This training included pregnancy massage, reflexology, holistic pulsing & aromatherapy techniques.

I moved away from a diagnostic and therapeutic model to a new philosophy with a belief that your body has its own innate wisdom to heal itself, but due to lifestyle overload, it needs help re-creating the environment in which to do so.  


One way of relaxing the body is through massage. It's about stepping into the eye of your personal storm, finding your calm space, recharging, and then stepping back into your personal storm, bringing the calm with you.


The Golden Rule is also about treating yourself the way you want others to treat you.

I carry with me skills & experience from more than 30 years working in the corporate world & the education system, with infants through to adults. A BA, with a double major in psychology & education and further certifications in special needs. I completed training & an internship with Glynis Brummer of Smart Learning Solutions in Howick, Auckland; and I have worked both in schools & in private practice.


These days, when I’m not massaging or wearing the hats of mum, daughter, aunty, sister, niece or wife you can find me “walking my talk”, along beaches, watching movies, reading, working out at the gym, doing yoga, belly dancing or learning more skills to support my massage practice. I look forward to meeting you & through consultation & massage, supporting the process of achieving your goal of creating & maintaining a work-life balance. 

I am excited to be working at Body Sanctuary in Silverdale. Let ‘Body Sanctuary’ be your calm space. Relax, Recharge, Renew. Taking time out for yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Allow yourself, enable yourself, be there for yourself.