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Hi, I'm Cheryl,

I qualified as a Massage Therapist in 2003 and have since been practising massage in a diverse range of environments, contributing to the healing of clients with ailments affecting their physical and mental wellbeing, or to anticipate issues arising.  It is very rewarding for me to know I can make a positive difference in someone’s life - physically and mentally.

Every “body” is different requiring massage techniques to suit individual lifestyles whether it is non-active, socially active, as a competitive athlete and/or your work-life is out of kilter - massage will benefit you all.  Stress will reflect by way of body discomfort - a body with discomfort will reflect by way of stress – they’re connected.


Effective communication before and during a massage will determine a more focussed massage style or a combination of relaxation, deep-tissue and sports to help you reach a goal of feeling in control of your physical condition and stress levels, rather than they control you. 

In my spare time I walk, jog, garden, spend time with my cats and catch up with friends and family.

If you are looking for a relaxing or therapeutic massage for yourself or someone you care about, book an appointment or purchase a massage voucher at Body Sanctuary Silverdale.  I look forward to meeting you and contributing positively to your quality of life.

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